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Remember: Israel is bad! Its existence keeps reminding Muslims what a bunch of losers they are. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"There will be no peace until they will love their children more than they hate us."

-Golda Meir-
'If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel'‎

~Benjamin Netanyahu~
"Peace of us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all out war, a war which will last for generations.

~Yasser Arafat~
Throughout his authorized biography (Alan Hart, Arafat: terrorist or peace maker) Arafat asserts at least a dozen times: "The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel."

~ Yasser Arafat ~
"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel. For our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of Palestinian people, since Arab national interest demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism".

~ Zahir Muhse'in ~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Israel's Tourism - West Galilee

Rosh Hanikra:

"Head of the rock caves"; also transliterated Rosh Haniqra is a dazzlingly white coastal rock cliff formation on the far North Coast of Israel, some 7 km (4.5 miles) north of Akhziv.

Rosh Hanikra is the northernmost point on the Mediterranean shore of Israel, the place where the chalk mountain ridge meets the sea essentially marking the (still hot!) border with Lebanon to the north. Despite its precarious location, visitors are safe (being mostly underground) and are rewarded by the sweet smelling limestone caverns and emerald-blue pools. The immediate coast is studded with inlets, lagoons and small beaches. On a clear day, the city of Haifa can be seen to the south.

* A chain of grottoes has been carved out by the power of the waves at the foot of the chalk cliffs - these beautiful grottoes are the main attraction of Rosh Hanikra.

In the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra
* During the Second World War the British dug a railway tunnel 250 meters long and built a bridge, as part of the Haifa - Beirut - Tripoli railway track.

Acre (Akko) - City Guide:

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2001 by UNESCO, the ancient city of Acre (Akko in Hebrew) is one of the most fascinating sites to visit while in Israel. The famous walls of the old city, the port and beaches, the markets and bazaars and the great authentic restaurants are only some of the attractions this city has to offer for a one or two days trip to the northern part of Israel.

Acre had a tremendous importance in ancient times thanks to its strategic location as a port city, and was therefore conquered by many civilizations, including the Christian Crusaders, the Ottomans and even Napoleon Bonaparte for a short period, each of which leaving their mark with some impressive buildings.

The old city of Acre is truly enchanting: the streets and alleys, accompanied by the underground passages and historical monuments, all make a walking tour in Acre a fascinating experience. Along these alleys you’ll find a Christian monastery, a huge mosque, some Turkish baths and many interesting archeological findings and ruins.

Acre is not only interesting for its ruins: the city holds some colorful festivals annually, the most famous of which is the Acre Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater, which has been operating in the city for the last 25 years and has been attracting thousands of visitors.

The open market of Akko is well known throughout Israel. It is a lively market full with activity, on weekends in particular. For hummus lovers, the Akko market is heaven on earth. Take “Saeid”, for instance, probably one of the best hummus places in Israel. Though you may need to wait to get a table, it is certainly worth waiting for. For some fresh fish meals go to the nearby port, where several excellent restaurants are serving their catch of the day.

There are few hotels in Acre to meet the needs of each and every traveler. Most of the hotels in Acre are located next to the beach and have well kept facilities. The “Palm Beac”h is one of the most popular hotels in Acre region. It is a popular four-star hotel, located 2km east of the old city. “Ahuzat Gay” is another nice option, with a luxury feel and great ambience. Located on Moshav Shavei Zion, less than 10km from Acre, it is a great place for a weekend escape. Notice that children under the age of 18 are not allowed. For low budget travelers and backpackers, try “Walied’s Akko Gate Hostel”. Though simple, it is a friendly and inexpensive option, and is located in the middle of the city itself.

Acre offers tourists a unique combination of old and new, East and west, archeological findings next to lively markets and colorful festivals, museums and many churches. Bookmark Acre as one of your stops while visiting the holy land and you won’t be sorry.

Haifa City Guide:

Haifa - Israel's third largest city and northern capital is the heart of it all! Situated in a broad natural bay between the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and the awe - inspiring Carmel mountain, the city's terraced landscape offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas, giving the observer the sensation of being on a heavenly peninsula. To the northeast, across the sparkling waters of the harbor sits the medieval walled fortress city of Acre.

Haifa Bahai Temple:
Directly north, if the weather is good, beckon the heights of Rosh Hanikra, the majestic white cliff, checkpoint on the Israel - Lebanon border. Further east towers the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon. Traditional, contemporary, sophisticated, relaxed, Haifa is a winning combination. Theaters, museums, cinemas, elegant hotels, air-conditioned shopping malls, pearly- beaches - we have it all. Haifa is a party for the kids, for the family, for you.

Haifa's mountainous location makes it quite unfriendly for pedestrian, therefore shopping avenues are rare . The shops that can be found in the city center offer a cheap and essential variety.

On the Other hand, Haifa has a well known reputation in Israel for its wide variety of malls and shopping centers such as the kiryon, kastra center, Kanyon Haifa and 'lev hamifratz'. Grand Kanyon is considered to be the newest and biggest mall, including international brand names such as Armani, Lacoste Benetton and Zara among local brands and a wide food court.

The city's selection of restaurants includes mostly cheap but tasty falafel counters and Arabic restaurants, located in the port area (lower city). 'hazkenim', 'michel' and 'orion' are some of the authentic and recommended counters. The local Turkish variation of turning kebab, Schwarma, is also very common and can be found in 'hazan' chain and 'jibli'.

Central Mount Carmel offers a decent selection of mid class restaurants, cafe's and bars, such as Fusion noodle house 'Giraffe', Japanese 'Tatami' and trendy cafe's such as 'Greg' and 'tut'. 'Frangelico' and 'barbarossa' Nipples are consindered to be the most popular bars in the city's chic carmal area while the legendery old fashioned 'Maayan Habira' on the lower part of it city is more popular among adult crowd

* Bahá'í World Centre, on Mount Carmel's northern slope. Comprising the golden-domed Shrine of the Báb, terraced gardens and administrative buildings, the World Centre is the holiest site of pilgrimage for the members of the Bahá'í Faith, as well as the faith's central administrative center. The gardens are stunning and well worth visiting if you are in Haifa. Tours must be booked, although they are free, and are limited (tel. 04-8313131).

* Cave of Elijah - Elijah is considered a prophet by both Judaism and Islam. The Carmelites have a tradition that they were founded by Elijah at this time. According to tradition Elijah lived in a cave on Mt. Carmel during the reign of King Ahab.

* Stella Maris, a French Carmelite church, monastery and hospice. This is the founding place of the Carmelite Order, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. Located atop Mount Carmel, there is a hiking trail connecting it to the Cave of Elijah below.

* German Colony - in 1868 members of German Templar Society (not to be confused with the Knights of the Templars) purchased land that was far from the city and set out to build the first planned agricultural community in the Holy Land. Many of the original templar houses have preserved and undergone restoration in the last decade of XX century. Now the main street of the former colony (Ben Gurion Boulevard) is a promenade, with many restaurants and coffee shops. The City History Museum and the local Tourist Board are located here.

* University - located at the top of Carmel, the campus was originally designed by the architect of Brasilia and UN building in New York, Oscar Niemeyer. Newer buildings were added later. The top 30th floor of the Eshkol Tower, provides an incredible view of almost the entire North of Israel. The campus is also a home of Hecht Museum with its rich archeology and art collections.

* Druze Villages - 30min by sherut or longer by bus to the top of Mt. Carmel

Museums and Galleries
* National Maritime Museum, 198 Allenby Street, tel 04-8536622

* Haifa Museum of Art, 26 Shabtai Levi Street, tel 04-8523255 - presents rotating exhibitions of modern art.

* Hecht Museum - University of Haifa campus, tel 04-8257773, fax 04-8240724, email mushecht@research.haifa.ac.il, free admission. Features large archaeological exhibits and an art wing with 19th and 20th century painting and sculpture, including works by Corot, Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Van-Gogh, Soutine and Modigliani.

* Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, 89 Hanassi Ave., tel. 04-8383554. The museum was founded in the year 1959, at the joint initiative of Felix Tikotin, a known collector of Japanese art. The museum present rotating exhibitions of old and modern Japanese art.

* Haifa Zoo and Botanic Garden, situated in Gan ha-Em in Central Carmel.

Where art and comfort meet. A spectacular boutique hotel planned and designed with the inspiration of art and scenery as an artistic gallery featuring a variety of collections.

The hotel is in a “Bauhaus” building which in Haifa, the gateway to Northern Israel. The focus is on a sense of calm and peaceful serenity, with personal friendly service towards each and every guest 24 hours a day.

Gallery Hotel is located in the heart of Haifa City in Hadar neighborhood, which is an old one. In Hadar there are shopping centers, variety shops and bazaars, pedestrian only Street, colorful market which are within walking distance only a short distant from our hotel. Gallery Hotel is located within walking distance or short time drive from museum centers, Bahai gardens, German Colony and government offices.

Gallery Hotel is in front of the Public Theater and near several fascinating most famous attractions of Haifa City. Its location enables brief visits out of Haifa to all tourism attractions in the North.

The hotel is within a short distance drive of about 5-10 minutes from Haifa port, and about 15 minutes from Haifa airport and 65 minutes from Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv. Estimated walking and driving distances from the hotel are attached by, for your convenience.

Hotel Gallery is rich with relaxing stations and health spa treatments in breathtaking surroundings, The surprising variety, offers our guests a perfect feeling. The Gallery spa center works 24 hours a day and overlooks the amazing blue scene of the deep Mediterranean Sea and seashore of the spectacular Haifa Bay. Enjoy a rich massage menu such as holistic health care treatments, comfortable massages given by professional skilled massage crew.

Also a complimentary gym is open 24 hours a day an a personal trainer can be reserved as well.

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